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First time trying this, so I may have messed it up. Anyways, since Clarence did his own post, I figure I'll do my day in the life of MANY animals (consisting of 120 smaller sized photos)!

Join me, won't you, as I travel from kitties and puppies to rhinos and opossums! This was my March 22nd, 2007, a day encompassed by our furry, feathery, and leathery friends :D

Goodmorning Shadow! She always looks so sad, but I swear she knows I <3 her.

P.J.! Joseph-Boy! Ohmygosh, you lazy lumps! Look at you two!!

You both are just lucky you're cute, otherwise I'd make you get a job to pay your way around this house >:(

Uh oh, it appears Shadow has been banished to the corner and the cats thrown outdoors while my grandma cleans. Shadow is not friends with the vacuum cleaner and the kitties create problems during bed-making procedures ;)

What is this?! An invisible dog that you've started barking at before you got to the window and now - despite the fact that you can't find it - you must continue barking at the risk of seeming stupid?

And - of course - we mustn't forget the newly internet-famous Clarence who neatly avoided my camera.

Fine, we'll go. We've got things to do anyway, you grumpy cat! Indeed, we'll go to Chicago! Hello there, Mr. Goose! George and Gorge *nods respectfully* I have no bread for you and I would gladly share my altoids, but I don't think you'd like 'em.

Lincoln Park Zoooo!

For a very long time, I was sure that llamas were two-headed like in the original version of Dr. Dolittle.

This goat is my hero. For about 20 minutes he stood in one spot and stared at a blank wall with intensity.

A fuzzy, lazy buffalo lump! Adorable :D

Now this is a rare breed; a greedy persistent squirrel! What a cutie.

This is totally Bambi's parents. Those are some impressive antlers, dude!

Antisocial zebras are the cutest :D He refused to be friends with the 3 other stripey guys in there.

The primate section of the zoo is the best photographically. Such human expression in their eyes. Like this dude with the "get that camera the f*ck out of my face" look. Or the tiny little "but Moooom" expression.

Hahahahaha, this dude 1.) picked his butt, 2.) examined his findings, and 3.) checked around just to make sure no one saw him. ...I saw you, cheeky monkey!

We've found the leader! He's none too pleased with our photos either ;) Hey, at least we don't use the flash!

Unfortunately, all the chimps decided to flock inside for snack time where the lighting wasn't so good.

Goodbye tiny gorilla man! You are too cute!

Now I wish I'd read the ID plaques more closely, but for now I shall call him Mr. Droopy. I love your lengthy arms, Drooperson!

Skunk people!! They had the saddest expressions on their faces :(

If you look close, I think the top monkey-dude is smoking (well, let's hope not)!

This guy needs to be my grandpa because I want to take him with me to family events. What a face you have!!

I have noticed that the small, nimble monkeys always seem to be up to no good ;) Fighting, tearing apart Easter baskets... well, I guess this last guy is just sulking, but I bet he did something naughty earlier to make him sulky.

My baby P.J.!! You're at the zoo? Doing indecent things! Bad cat. My, how you've grown!

P.J.'s spotty buddy wouldn't sit still for a photo to save his life :/

But this chubby kitty was so cute! She would wait and wait for her trainer to come feed her treats and she would play just like a tiny kitty! I want to take a cheetah home with me :D

I think - for the rest of the kitties - today was nap day. We must have seen near 10 other whiskered friends all of which in variations on this pose:

Mr. Bad Attitude here seems to be the only one awake and agitated like proper cats should be. He was yelling like our kitties do when they want their foods ;) Pace pace pace pace, turn, pace pace pace...

You think I could take him? I bet he'd like to play :D

Plastic-like animals are almost as cute... except that they're impaled. And cost $2 per ride. Rip off.

Good afternoon densely-packed flamingos :D

Sticky toes! I've always wanted one of these to see them sticky toes in action :D

Remnants of the dinosaurs, rawr ;) This dude's tongue was half as long as he was!! He was shy about it, though. We must remember our manners!

*gasp* angry turtle!! He was actually just a yawner, but I like his "Aaaaah!" face :P

Marcos is a fan of the snakes; 3 of 'em to be exact all napping in a pile. Very Harry Potter.

I wanna see this dude take on the Geico gecko! Prehistoric dude for the win!

If anyone out there ever watches Kim Possible, these are REAL naked mole rats!

Piles and piles of fuzzy napping things! I love it.

Otters otters otters :D The cats that take baths! I love their little faces and this dude's "What??" head pop over the corner rock.

My old babysitter used to stop traffic on highways to catch turtles like you and set you free in a nice quiet pond.

I dare you to move, crocodile man. FAKE OUT!

Shit!! It moved, I'm outta here. I'm going for the bunny horse things 'cause they're nonthreatening (except in Monty Python). Much better.

Since the elephants weren't out today *BOO TO THAT* I made one instead!

The seals definitely stole the show. Such hams! Lazy lazy hams.

How about a hug? Any time!

This upside-down action is killing me with smiles :D

Being extraspecial cute is so exhausting.

Byebye seal faces!

Penguins! I am a BIG fan of the holding-fin-out-sideways-indefinitely action :D Can you all be my tiny tuxedoed children?

Yikes! Apparently I've offended the puffins. I love you too!

Camels have funny faces and awesome body language :D Especially when they get a piece of hay up their nose and it won't come out. Other Camel: I will help you!

Lonely black bear! Have no fear, I will give you my chocolate chip cookie and then RUN before the zoo police get me ;) Trust me, you'll like it.

Aside from the scorpion woman I saw in Thailand (yes, a woman completely covered in scorpions), this is the scariest thing I've ever seen. No glass + massive spider = scary shit.

The Opossum seemed undisturbed though. Such a happy sleepy face :D

Hello rhino!! He was so shy :D It took a 3rd visit to his area before he showed his cute rhino butt.

Scavenger birds are so much more massive than I thought they were! Jesus!

I want the ability to turn my head around backwards. I would be one scary mom when I had kids!

We saved the wolves for last 'cause they're Marcos' favorite, but today was a sleepy puppy day as well, it seems. Such a sweetheart :)

Ohmygosh, I totally climbed in here BEFORE I realized that there was a MASSIVE bear right on the other side of that glass napping. He was a bum, though, and wouldn't turn around. Oh well: itchy butt!!!

Unfortunately, zoo hours dictated we must vacate the premises. But what is a Chicago visit without the Art Institute lions?! When I was little, somehow I got up on top of this lion for a photo op... go knows how, it's huge!

We got home in one piece even if in an animal-induced daze, but we did manage to construct our tiger puzzle souvenir from the zoo.


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May. 17th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
Hi, I was browsing for some info about bunnies when I came across the 'A Day in my Pet's Life' journal and I found your post.

These are beautiful pictures!!! What type of a camera do you use?
May. 17th, 2007 08:38 pm (UTC)
Thanx! It's a Cannon Powershot A640. It has great automatic focus and really detailed manual focus as well as several light settings. I really recommend it!
Jan. 16th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Great Pictures!
Wow. Some great pictures! It was great looking through them. Thank you for sharing the wonderful world of animals!

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