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Santino. (MALE)

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Lazy doggie



Elvis the Chinchilla. (one year old :D )
19 Photos under the Cut.

Favorite toy

Not an entire day for her but I just found this community (by snooping on someone else) and I think it's great. I did something a few months back in my photo journal that I think fits here. This is about Lotti and her favorite toy, her pink octopus.

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Curious bunnies are the best kind!

11 pictures of the energetic curious rabbit, Victor.

Yes hello? Who's there? Oh... You're going to follow me around all day? Well, I suppose that would be okay, after all, I am pretty darn cute!
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o hai guyz. kaspa, age 7, australia. i love it when the window is open!

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NSFW ;) [3 photo's]

Lucy's Nap Time - Not much is happening after this =)

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First time trying this, so I may have messed it up. Anyways, since Clarence did his own post, I figure I'll do my day in the life of MANY animals (consisting of 120 smaller sized photos)!

Join me, won't you, as I travel from kitties and puppies to rhinos and opossums! This was my March 22nd, 2007, a day encompassed by our furry, feathery, and leathery friends :DCollapse )


Who wants to help moderate?
I need my beauty sleep.
And it might be nice to order someone around.

May 9, 2007: Life Sucks

I am Clarence.
I took 54 photos of my arduous day.
I am of indescriminate origin.
I'm old and I don't feel like dealing with your sh*t.
I have a potty mouth.
I like it that way.

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