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A Day in the Life of the Non-Human Species
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This is a community that somewhat mirrors adayinmylife (which I highly recommend you check out), except that here you post days in the life of your pets!

PET: The term pet is highly negotiable. It may include your regular housepet; cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc., but also extends to wild animal varieties and even imaginary pets (if you have one), toys, and stuffed animals should you choose to photograph them all day. You do not need to follow one animal all day, either, we welcome variety.

DAY: A day is defined in two ways. Either an entire day following your furry friend's adventures which can range from 2 to a ridiculous amount of photos. You may also use one photograph to encompass his or her entire day and (hopefully) explain it to us! As long as these photos represent your pet's day, they're game! For example, if your pooch simply sleeps away the day, a few napping pictures would be wonderful! If your ferret runs rampant around the house, photograph him getting into the cereal and go from there! There's very little constraint here.

It's do or die here, people.
1.) It's gotta be pet-centric photographs here, if you take photos of YOUR day, post them in adayinmylife please!
2.) Nothing gross and you know what I mean by gross. No animal sex, puke, poop, or naughty parts. I'm a prude and as of now I decide what stays and what goes.
3.) There is allowed one picture outside any lj-cuts and it has to be of reasonable size (no bigger than 480x640 pixels).
4.) That said, USE AN LJ CUT! I realize mistakes happen, but after 15 minutes, if your post is not fixed, it will have to be deleted for the sake of peoples' friends pages.
5.) As of yet, there is no limit on how many photos can count as a "day," but please realize that some of us still use dial-up.
6.) No matter the number of photos you use, you need to put that number somewhere before or in the cut so people know what kind of pageload they're in for.
7.) Meanness and rudeness will not be looked upon kindly. While you may have a right to your opinion, you don't have to voice it to the world. People post here to show off their cute pets, not get snide remarks. You don't like it, stop looking.
8.) Flaming, on the other hand, won't be tolerated at all. No warnings, you're banned.
9.) If your post is deleted, don't post here asking why. Check the rules. Check your e-mail (chances are I commented and told you why before I pitched it). If you still don't know, leave a comment here and here only. I will respond in a timely manner.
10.) Have fun!! Animals make people smile :D

Because some posts may be deleted due to mistakes or rule violations, I highly suggest anyone who posts here also make a duplicate post in their own journal so that all the hard work won't be wasted.

An example of a good post can be found here for reference featuring me, your sexy feline moderator.